Sign Sequence

The Sign Sequence is not  currently used in the dictionary for sorting the search results.  However it is possible to establish the sign sequence for a sign for compatibility with the other sofware.


It is possible to add other symbols to the sign sequence that are not in the sign.  Find the symbol in the chooser, then press Insert while in the Sign Sequence area.

Symbols can be moved up or down in the sequence with Ctrl-Up or Ctrl-Down.


General keys
Insert Inserts the selected symbol in the symbol chooser into the sequence.
Ctrl-Insert Inserts all selected symbols from the sign area.
Delete Removes the selected symbol in the sequence.
Ctrl-Delete Delete all the symbols in the sign sequence.
Enter Move over to the chooser area with the selected symbol.
Up arrow Move to the preceding icon symbol.
Down arrow Move to the next icon symbol.
Ctrl-Up Move the current symbol up in the sequence.
Ctrl-Down Move the current symbol down in the sequence.


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