The SignList groups dictionary entries into lists and sublists for viewing and printing.  The output is similar to a glossary but without the definitions.  The SignList present the gloss in one or two spoken languages, SignWriting and a picture of a sign in one sign language and the picture of what the sign is.

The first dropdown box lists all the sign lists.  The next list shows the sublists within the sign list.  The bottom part shows all the glosses within the list.  If you selected a sign on the left, it will display on the right hand side.


Press the Alt key to display the shorcuts to the buttons.

Ctrl-P Print Show the Print dialog box to print any sign list.
Alt-F4 Close Close the SignList module.
Ctrl-Ins SignList, New Create a new sign list.
Ctrl-Del SignList, Delete Delete the current sign list.
Ctrl-R SignList, Rename Rename the current sign list.
F1 Themes Help Show help
Alt-S SignList Move to SignList drop down box.
Alt-L SubLists Move to SubList selection box.
Alt-U Move Up Move a sublist up in the sign list.
Alt-D Move Down Move a sublist down in the sign list.
Alt-A Add Sublist Add a sublist to the sign list.
Alt-T Delete Sublist Delete currently selected sublist from the signlist.
Alt-R Rename Sublist Rename sublist in the sign list.
Alt-N Mark new signs in sublist Go through all signs in the current sign list and mark all signs that have not appered in any previous sublists as new.
Alt-M Missing signs in sub list Write the signs that you plan to add to the list but have not yet added.  You can include other comments here too if you wish.
Ctrl-A Add Sign Add sign to the current sublist.
Ctrl-D Delete Sign Delete sign from the current sublist.
Tab   Move to the next control.
Shift-Tab   Move to the previous control.

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