Sign Editor

The Sign Editor is to create and modify sign written signs in an easy and efficient manner. It is available in the

  1. Dictionary to by double clicking the signwriting column of a sign or clicking on the Edit SignWritring button. 
  2. When searching by sign in the dictionary the Sign Editor shows to input your search criteria.
  3. In a document by right clicking and choosing "Add Sign", "From Editor"
  4. In a document right clicking an existing sign an choosing "Edit Sign in Editor".

The symbol lists and choosers help find and use the symbols very easily.  The choosers help find the symbols in a logical way and encourages a more uniform symbol use than some users may be acostumed.  Advanced signwriters may decide to use the symbols in a different way than suggested by the symbols choosers.

The Sign Editor is divided into several areas.

Favorite Symbols Where all of your favorite symbols are stored for easy retrieval.
All Symbols A list of all of the symbol groups that exist.
Hand Search Search for a specific hand shape or finger position.
Symbol Sequence Sign Sequence to for sorting the sign.
General Chooser Choose specific variation of a symbol.
Hand Chooser Choose the hand rotation and flip.
Arrow Chooser Choose the arrow symbol direction.
Sign Area Where the actual sign is put together.

When working in any one of the areas the background becomes blue to show that it is the active work area.  The keystrokes will affect the active area.


Set up your favorite symbols in the favorite area.  Then type the first part of it's lookup text then press the [Enter] to select. 

Press  [Enter] to go the next area.  Press [Escape] to go to the previous area.

To use the sign editor's keyboard features best, it is recomended to use a keyboard with a numeric keypad.


You can move from one area to another using the following keys.

You can move from one area to another using the following keys.
F5 Favorite Symbols
F6 All Symbols
F7 Hand Search
F8 Symbol Sequence
F9 General Chooser or Hand Chooser  or Arrow Chooser 
F12 Sign Area
F1 Help
Ctrl-Enter Accept changes to the sign
Alt-F4 Cancel changes to the sign

See each area for the speficic keyboard use in that area.


Moving the mouse arrow over any of the ares will make it active.  You can drag symbols from any area to the sign area to add it to the sign.

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