Image Editor

The Image Editor helps you edit, resize and crop image to be included in the Dictionary and SignWriting Documents.


You can size the images to a smaller size so that they take up less room in the database. 


General keys
Ctrl-L Clear image.
Ctrl-O Open image file.
Ctrl-Alt-A Save image to file as...
Alt-C Cancel changes to image.
Ctrl-S Save changes to image in database.
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-Y Redo
Ctrl-P Crop
Ctrl-E Eraser
Del Delete selection
Ctrl-R Resize image
Ctrl-B Convert to Black & White
Ctrl-X Cut selection
Ctrl-C Copy selection
Ctrl-V Paste as image
Ctrl-A Select All
F1 Help Contents
Ctrl-Alt-F2 Help Index
Ctrl-Alt-F3 Help Search


Drag the mouse accross the image select a rectangle.

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