Hand Search

If sometimes you just can't find a hand shape through in the many availables ones in the All Symbols list, use this tool. 


If a text box if left blank, it is not taken into account in the search.  If a check box is grayed out it is not taken into account in the search.

Each time a checkbox is toggled, it will change from "Ignore" to "Not extended"  to "Extended".  If toggled again it will return to the grayed out "Ignore".

Click on the Search button to find handshapes that fit the criteria.  Select a symbol to use it. If no symbols matched your criteria, a message will let you know.

Click on Reset to get the original criteria.

Move the mouse arrow over a symbol and a short description will show up.


General keys
1 Toggles the thumb checkbox.
4 Toggles the index finger checkbox.
8 Toggles the middle finger checkbox.
6 Toggles the ring finger checkbox.
3 Toggles the baby finger checkbox.
Alt-R Move to root shape drop down box.
Alt-T Move to thumb position drop down box.
Alt-A Move to action finger drop down box.
Alt-M Move to multiple finger drop down box.
Alt-B Move to base group name drop down box.
Tab Move to the next control.
Shift-Tab Move to the previous control.
Enter Move over to the chooser area with the selected symbol.
Escape Reset the filtering criteria.


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