Gloss to Sign

Type in a phrase, gloss to sign will look for the words in the dictionary and suggest several options for each word.  Check the box beside the sign that you want to include in your document.


If an exact search was found, only that sign will dsiplay.  If no exact result was found, substrings will be searched for a potential matches.

You can add, remove or modify a search word without losing your selections.  Right-click on the result for the work to show the popup menu.

If you want to search for a subtext put a '%' before the text to match all text that end with that subtext.  Put a '%' after the subtext to search all text that starts with the subtext.  Put a '%' before and after the subtext to find all text that has the subtext in it. Use the underscore '_' for replacing any one character as a wildcard.

Only the dictionary entries with SignWriting are searched or entries in the dictionary are ignored.


Press the Alt key to display the shorcuts to the buttons.

Alt-G Enter Gloss Enter gloss of text to search for.
Alt-F Find Find signs in the dictionary.
Alt-A Accept Use the selected signs in the document.
Alt-C Cancel Do not use the signs in the document.
Space   When on sign checkbox, selects or deselects the sign.  When on a button, clicks the button.
Tab   Move to next control.
Shift-Tab   Move to previous control.
F1 Help  


Popup menu
Insert Gloss Insert gloss before current gloss.
Change Gloss Change current gloss.
Remove Gloss Remove current gloss.

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